Toss the Turtle Unblocked

About Toss The Turtle

Toss The Turtle is a local 2-player game where the players race each other to get their turtle from one end of the screen to the other. It can be played on either keyboard or controller and supports up to 4 players, which makes it perfect for playing with friends on a couch! There are many ways in which you can play around with your turtles: You can feed them plants until they evolve, but watch out as eating the wrong plants might be bad for them! You may find rocks that you have to avoid while digging holes for your turtle. There will also be some miscellaneous items such as bombs and arrows lying around causing some chaos wherever they go. Oh and I almost forgot about those pesky birds… They’re everywhere, trying to catch your turtle.

Toss the Turtle is a great party game for everyone, so invite your friends and let’s play!

How to Play Toss The Turtle

To play Toss The Turtle you need at least two controllers (or keyboards, but they suck), which you connect to your computer. If you don’t have any friends there are bots that can replace them with no problems. You also don’t really need any more than the keyboard if you want to experiment or test things out since it’s not much of a game yet anyway.


Keyboard:  WASD/Arrow Keys – Move Player 1 Space / Arrow Up – Jump Player 2 Left-click – Pick up Player 2 Right-click / Enter – Open menu Esc/X Key – Return to main menu

Controller 1: A button- A player B button- B up on D-Pad- Move Player 1 Left Analog Stick up- Jump Player 2 Right Analog Stick – Pick up Player 2 Start – Open menu Back – Return to the main menu

Controller 2: A button- A player B button- B up on D-Pad- Move Player 1 Left Joystick – Move Player 1 Right Joystick – Jump Speaker Icon (the one with two circles) up- Jump